Welcome to Higher Education Consortium (HEC) UK

HEC is established with a focus of supporting the international government departments and the UK HEls to collaborate and connect to achieve their Internationalisation objectives

The concept is about bringing the experts from a number of HEls to work as a consortium and connecting international organisations with the UK HEls so everyone achieves more by working together.

At HEC, we are committed to building a better collaborative environment for the education world – with increased trust, confidence, sustainable growth, greater connectivity and collaboration in the HE sector. We aim to achieve this through our own actions and by engaging with like-minded organisations and individuals. This is our purpose and reason for the formation of Higher Education Consortium (HEC).

We want to use our global reach and connections to bring scale to convene the conversation about the solutions for the skills development challenges faced by international government departments (IGOs).



Our Working Structure

Our structure is composed of a number of stake holders working together to deliver quality training and education to those who are eager to join and be a part of the transformation of a better world.

This structure is streamlined allowing us to make decisions quickly, execute our strategy and provide exceptional client service wherever in the world our clients do business. We respond faster and can access the right people and assemble high-performing teams to deliver exceptional client service worldwide. We work as a team of like-minded professionals unified in our approach.

Higher Education Consortium is about working together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment to common objectives.

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